wip Rig

Here is a glimpse of my “work in progress rig”.  Please know that this is my personal rig.  The one I am giving away doesn’t have the off grid solar electric plant included.

It consists of a Chromebook, flash drive with Wikipedia, Wiki Med, Military Medical Manuals, the full Gutenberg Library, herbal medicine books and maps of all 50 states (close to 250 GigaBytes all together), solar panel with 12v trickle charger, 12 volt LiFeO4 battery, and inverter with two 110 and 2 USB outputs.

Still working to see if I can decrease the size just a bit (even though it WILL all fit in a pizza box).  But I am MORE than happy with the total weight of just under 7 pounds and 4 ounces (with 3 pounds and 10 ounces of that overall weight being the Chromebook and charging cable).

I know that most of you already have a plan for Off Grid electricity / power.  But I haven’t gotten past the gas powered generator stage.  I realized in the process of all of this that I might not have fuel to run the generator long term, so wanted to go ahead and build this electric plant out as well.  It’s not fully field tested yet because I just got all the components in yesterday.  But I am hoping that within a week, I will have this whole puppy ready to go in the Faraday!!!

And NOOOOO… I don’t drink Zero Sugar Dr. Pepper.  My daughter just left that one on the table and I used it to illustrate size / scale.  I have to have REAL Dr. Pepper!!! (as long as my wife and cardiologist don’t find out)