Share Your #WhyimHere
Come share your reasons for being on Truth Social with #WhyimHere

The Truth Social WhyimHere hashtag is a great way to make new connections! Each person listed on the #WhyimHere page gave a short statement of why they are on Truth Social. If you find people who have similar interests to yours, give them a follow. The vast majority of them follow back!

This initiative came about because I got tired of building trains and connecting with thousands of people I knew absolutely nothing about. One day I asked a new follower “Why are YOU on Truth Social”. His answer began with “No one on any social media ever asked me that question before. Do you REALLY want to know?” I absolutely did want to know, and a new way of meeting people was born.

The “whys” on this page are amazing and inspiring. They range from a 19 year old aspiring politician to an 80 year old Grandmother of 6. Some have been kicked off every Social Media platform out there. Others, like me, have never really been on social media before. But there seems to be one common desire… to be able to speak and communicate freely.

We are all pretty much fed up with MainStream media, big tech and the Megaphone Accounts. They all capture our attention then censor, shadow ban or twist the truth to fit their agenda. Even the ones who hold themselves out to be “Great Patriots” hoard the truth and drip it out a tiny bit at a time. This is done to increase their power and money (i.e. Hunter’s Laptop has been in “our hands” for several years, but they are just now telling us what is on it).

Please go to the #WhyimHere hashtag in Truth Social and read the stories of your fellow Americans who are FED UP with the current flow of information and Truth. Find people you share interests with. Comment on their “why” and follow them if you want to hear more from them. They will be glad to get a like, a ReTruth, and ESPECIALLY a new follower that they can follow back and exchange ideas with.

I have tried to cover the issues that I had trouble with when I got to Truth Social. If there are questions that aren’t addressed on this site, please visit the Truth Social Help page.

If you would like to share YOUR reason for being on Truth Social, it is easy to do! Don’t let using a hashtag slow you down. Just type #WhyimHere (no spaces and no comma) and write about your why. We can’t wait to read it, get to know you, and communicate directly with you!