A Truth is a message that you want other people on Truth Social to see and read. It can be a thought that you want to share, or an article from another website that you would like to share with other people. But it is important to note that only those people who follow you will see what you wrote, unless someone ReTruths it (forwards it to THEIR followers).

What is YOUR Truth?
Tell the world the TRUTH!

To create a Truth, just look for a big red circle with a small white + and a picture of a pencil in it. Tap on that red cirlcle, and a new window will open that says “What’s on your mind?” Just type what you want to say right over the top of that (it will disappear when you start typing). If you would like to send your reader to a web page, just type the web address (i.e. in the body of the message as you type it. Just remember that you only have 500 characters to get your point across. At the bottom of the text box, you will see the number 500, and that number will go down by one every time you add a letter or a space. When that counter reaches zero, it won’t allow you to enter anything else.

If you would like to attach a picture or video to your Truth, look at the very bottom of the text box and click on the little picture or video icon at the bottom. It will give you an option to choose a picture from your photo roll, or take one with your phone.

If you would like more information about Truths, or things not covered on this website, please visit the Truth Social Help website.