Sensitive Content Warning Screen?

Since the Web App opened, I have been seeing a lot more Sensitive Content Warning Screens, and people are complaining that they are being censored. That is absolutely not the case! The Artificial Intelligence software just identifies images or words that might be offensive to some users. The Truths and their associated images are still available to EVERYONE. You just have to click on the blue shield to see it.

Is your Truth getting this warning?

I believe that this warning is being used to keep the Apple AppStore happy. While I don’t support Apple’s requirements for THIS app, I do applaud them for banning apps that promote pornography, sexualization, violence or things of that nature. So I’m willing to do one extra tap to see something.

As a matter of fact, in my little corner of the world… it has the opposite effect. I see shielded Truths like click bait! My own little version of Scratch Off Lottery Tickets!!! Sometimes when I am just burned out from seeing the same junk ReTruthed by 12k people, I start doing a super fast scroll LOOKING for that blue screen so I can see something exciting!

As my friend @akaPR0B0SS (the 0s are zeros) likes to say… It’s like keeping cigarettes behind the counter at the store. You can have as many of them as you want. You just have to ask for them!

If clicking on the blue screen is offensive to you, you can always use the Web App. It is available on ANY device. That’s right!!! iPhones, Android, tablets, and laptops! Just access the site through a web browser and you are golden. Simply click or tap on your picture at the top of the page and choose Preferences. That will give you this screen:

You can turn the Sensitive Content Warnings in the Web App

Then simply move the little slider by “Always expand posts marked with content warnings” to the right. Bada-BOOM! No more blue screen click bait targets for you!!! Everything will be right out there in the open for you. No more evil overlords controlling your mind…

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