The whole purpose of Truth Social is to communicate and share the truth with others. The more we know as a nation, the more powerful we are. So, when you learn something new, spread the word! But PLEASE do not copy and paste. Use the ReTruth button.

Spread the word. ReTruth
Don’t copy and paste. ReTruth!

When you see something that you find interesting and want to share it with your followers, please don’t copy and paste it into a new Truth. People really frown on doing that and some even consider it plagarism. If you see a Truth that you want to share, simply tap the little button that looks like two arrows (one pointed to the right on top of one pointed to the left). This will send the Truth out to all of your followers. It will show your followers that you forwarded it, and will still show the original author’s information.

@MagaGrace asked me what if you want to un-ReTruth something. Sometimes you might decide that you don’t want that original Truth showing on your time line any more. If that is the case, just go to your timeline and click on ReTruth again. Then refresh the page, and you will see that it is gone! Your ReTruth has been deleted.

Some people confuse the purpose of the ReTruth button and the like button. You should ONLY ReTruth things that you think your followers will want to see, but might have missed. Every single thing you ReTruth is going to show up in your followers’ feed. So, If you are ReTruthing a bunch of Red Check content (which they probably already get), they are likely to unfollow you. Even if they love what you have to say personally, but you ReTruth a lot of things that they don’t like, they will probably unfollow you.

To learn more about ReTruths, you can visit the Truth Social Help website.