Off Grid Survival Library Giveaway

I built myself the ULTIMATE Off Grid Survival Library, and my friends wanted one.  So I built a couple for them.  Now I am going  to give one away here!!!  I need to know if there is a market for this package, so I want your opinion.  I will draw a random winner on June 19th!!!

I know a lot of Doomsday Preppers.  Over the years, I have heard them repeat rumors about how you can take a whole bunch of information (think WikpPedia, WikiHow, Military Medical Manuals, etc) offline… and even off grid… for FREE.  But I don’t know of one who has actually DONE it yet.

I joked with one of them about why they haven’t, and he pretty much told me… That’s just a myth.  The money, time and effort required just isn’t worth it. Even if we COULD download all that stuff for free, who is going to actually lock their computer up in a faraday cage for an eternity and never use it?  Besides, who actually has a Faraday Box laying around these days???

So… being the idiot I am, I told him that I was going to do it.  A standalone computer with a full blown Off Grid Survival Library inside a faraday cage that could fit in a Bug Out Bag that all weighed less than 5 pounds.  He LAUGHED.  It pissed me off.

So I did what I always do… I did it.  But it took me MONTHS. There are lots of websites out there that tell you how to do it.  I followed their instructions and inevitably crashed and burned.  I finally figured out that none of those people really wanted me to build this thing, they just wanted me to come back to their website over and over and over again looking for help so they could get paid for all the ads on their website, or they wanted me to buy a bunch of survival food / gear to fill up my garage so that they could get rich. That realization REALLY pissed me off.  So, PLEASE, when you start researching how to do this on your own, close the browser every time you see an ad on that good ol’ boy’s “helpful” webpage.

Getting the information / libraries wasn’t too hard.  A simple Google search told me where to go to find it.  All this stuff is available out there on the internet to download under public domain.  But some of the downloads took FOREVER.  (One of Wiki sites took over 12 hours with my 1 GB Cable connection.)  Then I hit another hurdle… some of them needed different software to read them.  Grrrrrr!!!  Some of the software only worked on specific types of machines, and some of them are expensive.

So, I backed up and thought about the things that needed to be done. Starting from scratch for the third or fourth time… This thing had to be small, portable, light weight and have amazing battery life.  So, I thought about my Chromebook.  I found the most stable “reader” software” and got it to run on the laptop.  Then I downloaded almost 250 GB (compressed at that) worth of information about how to survive long term off grid.  I then put it all on a flash drive (and oh did I learn some lessons about using cheap thumb drives in the process).  After a couple of weeks, I got it working.  But it still sucked.  But, after a couple hundred hours and many sleepless nights, I now have it working like a charm!!!

I hope that I never need to be like Eugene on that Zombie Apocalypse show (he is the one who said “I know stuff”).  But if I need a Special Forces Field medical guide, or instructions on how to gather and filter water, plant and harvest crops, or cobble together a rocket stove out of discarded aluminum cans… I AM READY!!!

Give a man a fish, and you feed him for a day.  Teach him to fish, and you feed him for life.  I can’t stock enough emergency food to survive long term, and I sure can’t carry very much with me if I have to bug OUT.  So, I decided it was time to take all the survival KNOWLEDGE I could find, and put it in a tiny, cost effective package.

When I showed this creation to one of my prepper friends, he wanted one.  NOW.  I started telling him how to do it, and he said… no, NOW.  So, I ordered a used/refurbished Chromebook from Amazon and waited a week for it to get here, spent about six hours loading all the libraries and correct software on it, and handed it to him. He took it out of my hands and did that little “whatever” thing with his hand and drove off. An hour later, he called yelling “EVERYBODU NEEDS ONE OF THESE!!!”

I think he is right.  But he is my friend, and to be totally honest… he gets WAY TOO EXCITED about anything prep related.  (The other day he asked me if I knew of the four different ways I could use the headlight fixture off a wrecked car!)  He has a head full of knowledge and a garage full of supplies, but he didn’t have the ability to take a copy of everything he might need to know on the road with him.  Until now.  He’s just too excited for me to really listen to right now.  So…

I need some honest (credible) feedback.  I am going to build one of these things and give it away to a prepper who will tell me the truth about how useful this really is, and if there really is a market for these things.  Or just tell me that I’ve been out in the Texas sun too long.  

If you would like to have this unit, please email offgridsurvivallibrary(at) before midnight on June 18, 2023. BE SURE TO INCLUDE YOUR TRUTH SOCIAL HANDLE IN THE EMAIL.  (I promise not to ever use your email address for ANY reason other than to notify you if you are the winner.  All I ask is that if you win you will take it, try it out, imagine yourself in an off grid situation and see if it has the information you need to increase your survival odds.  

I will draw the winner randomly on June 19, 2023 and get the unit shipped to the winner as quickly as possible.  There is absolutely NO COST to you.  (No credit card needed, no casino app to download on your phone (that was a joke), and no obligation other than just providing honest feedback.

Also, PLEASE consider spreading the word by ReTruthing the original message that brought you here.  I did a survey last week, and 40% of the people who responded to it said that they thought something like this might be useful.  So, even if you aren’t interested, please ReTruth so others might see it.

 Oh, and if you want to see a picture of my “work in progress rig”, you can check it out HERE.