The Truth Social Web beta started today! So, it won’t be long before the MILLIONS of Android and desktop users get here. I have built a new website called Truth Social 101 that will focus on the new capabilities of the Web version, and provide updates on the launch schedule as they become available. I built a newsletter function that will allow us to get the word out to everyone who isn’t on the iOS version, so please send your Android / web only friends and family to to get them started.

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Apparently, I wasn’t lucky enough to be included in the beta test, but I have some really good friends who are in it. Rumor has it that we will now be able to edit Truths, pin posts and much more. As soon as I get more information about the differences, I will get it put on the new site. I am hoping to have screen shots available soon, and will get them up with the appropriate articles as quickly as possible.

In addition to the new site and the newsletter, I am beefing up the server capacity for this site. I know that we have had thousands of visitors who learned about everything from how to get out of “follow jail” to how to get the most out of trains. So, I know that the traffic on this site is going to explode soon.

When you get back into the Truth Social app, be sure to check out #RatPack. These folks have been so helpful in getting the word out, and they are my only source of information on the Web app right now. They raise awareness for great causes, help new users build their accounts, and have some of the coolest memes on the planet. They do it all!!!

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They do it all!

Please bookmark this site so that you can share it with others who are just getting started in social media. We don’t want them to have to go through all the struggles we had! Then sign up for the 📨newsletter📨!!!

And of course, if you need help that you can’t find here, go to the Truth Social Help site.