Following Limits

Truth Social limits the number of people you can follow to begin with. This has been very frustrating for people just starting out and trying to build their account. When you reach 7.5k following (meaning you are following 7,500 other people), the system locks your ability to follow any more. On 6/10/22, it was announced that we would be able to follow an additional 250 per day (if our ratios were good), but two days later, that still hasn’t happened.

Well… here we are almost three months later, and the limit is still in place. It appears to be permanent at this point in time. In the interim, many other issues have arisen and just fluttered away, so it appears that this is going to be permanent. So, I recommend that you plan your account growth accordingly.

Is being limited to following 1/4 of 1% of your fellow Patriots Acceptable?

While this is intended to keep the robots out of Truth Social, it can be a real pain for the real people. This most often happens when people are desperate to get followers and just follow everyone on trains in hopes that those people will follow back. Sadly, a lot of people don’t follow back everyone that follows them. This can cause your ratio of follows to followers really out of balance.

When you reach the limit of 7.5k followers, the app will still work. It just won’t let you follow any more people. But, according to the powers that be, that is more than enough.


TruthSupport Policy Statement
The NEW RULES of following users!

Once you have passed the 7.5k mark successfully, you should keep in mind that the system MIGHT (they announced this soon after the limit was put in place, but have not implemented it yet) allow you to follow around 250 new users per day. But to get these additional 250 followers, you must maintain a balance of 91% follower to following ratio to be able to follow more people the next day. This is a MAJOR departure from the previous policy, and will take some adjustment on the part of some. However, in my opinion, if you are building your account (even using trains) this is a reasonable number to work within.

PLEASE note that I do not have any special relationship with Truth Social, and the above is simply my interpretation of the new policy implemented today. If my information is incorrect, please let me know. And, as always, I offer a complete money back guarantee to any dissatisfied customer! f you have issues or questions that are not answered on this website, please visit the Truth Social Help site.