A lot of people use Truth Social to keep up to date on what is going on in the world. But a lot are using the app to finally have a voice. So far, we have not witnessed any shadow banning, “jail sentences”, account deletions or things like that on Truth Social. So it is a place where those who have been silenced can finally speak their minds.

Ducklings following mother.
To be a leader, you have to have followers.

To actually have a voice, you have to have followers. These are the only people who are going to see your Truths when you first post them. Some will ReTruth and provide wider distribution, but you need followers to really get your message out.

There are several ways to get followers. You can spread the word to friends and family or bring contacts from other platforms. But most of your followers will come when you follow others with similar interests, and post comments on their Truths that make them want to follow you back. There are several ways to find people to do this. You can use the search function, follow users on trains, or look for similar people using hashtags. (Click on the links to learn more about each of these options.)

Just be careful about who you follow. We are all limited to following 0.25% of the users on the platform, so choose wisely and I recommend only listening to people who will listen to you. Don’t follow someone unless you really trust that the path they are taking you down (via the Truths they choose to share with you) are leading you down the right path.

For more information on Followers, please see the Truth Social Help page.