Your Feed

In Truth Social, your feed is where you will see all the Truths that were sent out by the people you follow. Just remember that you will only see things written by the people you follow, so this space will be empty (or very slow) if you don’t follow anyone or just follow people who aren’t very active in putting out new content.

Truth Social Feed Screen
Your Feed is where you find Truth!

To make sure that you get good content flowing through your feed, it is important to choose the people you follow very carefully. If you follow someone who ReTruths every funny meme that they come across, your feed will fill up with the funny memes they thing are funny. And if the person you follow just puts out pictures of their ant farm, your feed is going to fill up with pictures of their ant farm.

If you find that your feed is filling up with content that you don’t agree with (or bores you), you can always unfollow that person and your feed will clear up.

For more information about your Feed, see the Truth Social Help website.