Block and Mute

The Truth Social Block and Mute functions give you control of your feed. Blocking and / or Muting users is easy to do. It only takes a few seconds, and makes a huge impact. Don’t forget to explore the rest of the site for Truth Social help and tips to make your experience more enjoyable!

Block or Mute the Noise Makers
Block or Mute the Noise Makers and Trolls.

If you are seeing a lot of things in your feed that you don’t want to see, you can often get rid of that content by unfollowing the person who is posting it. However, sometimes people you want to continue following will ReTruth or comment on things that you don’t want to see, and you may have to resort to blocking or muting them.

The Truth Social Block and Mute functions are similar in the fact that they affect what you see in your feed. But they are very different in the way they affect other users. I will explain how (and why) I use them, and which one I choose based on the situation.

Mute: The Mute function filters out all posts by the person you are Muting. This means that their posts don’t show up in your feed, but it still allows the Muted person to see your posts. Your posts will still show in their feed. They can still review your profile, see all your posts, and view your followers / following lists. I use Mute on accounts that I am interested in, but want to get a break from.

Block: The Truth Social Block function goes several steps beyond Mute. It filters out all posts by the person you are blocking (even if they tag you in a post). This means that you don’t see anything that they post. It also stops them from seeing your posts. In addition to those things, it limits what they can see on your profile page. They will no longer be able to see any of your posts, or view your followers / following lists. I use Block on Trolls and others who generally cause problems so that I pretty much become invisible to them.

To Block or Mute someone, just click on their Handle and go to their profile. Under the large picture, right beside the Follow / Unfollow button, you will see three dots (…). Simply click on the three dots and you will get a drop down menu that gives you the options to Share Profile, Block, Mute or Report. Simply click the one you would like to choose for that user. Done!

To UnBlock or UnMute someone, click on your little picture in the top left corner of your screen. This will give you a slide out menu that allows you to view your own Profile, list your Blocks, list your Mutes, change your Security & Preferences or Logout. Just tap on Block or Mute and it will give you a list of users that you can UnBlock or UnMute.

If you have questions or issues that aren’t addressed on this site, please don’t hesitate to visit the Truth Social Help site.