Everyone loves to see their name (Handle) in lights! The alerts screen will help you keep up with conversations you might be involved in.

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Were they talking to me???

There are two tabs on the Truth Social Alerts page. If you click on the Alerts icon on the bottom of the screen, it will take you to a new page. On this Alerts screen you have the option of seeing All or Mentions. We have found that the Mentions tab causes a lot of confusion. We will discuss it first, then explain what you will find under the All tab.

MENTIONS Just because something shows up in your Mentions screen, it doesn’t mean that the author wrote that comment to YOU. When you tap on Mentions at the top of the Alerts page, it will show you all Truths and comments that you are associated with in any way. This means that when someone comments on a Truth, everyone who was included in the original Truth AND everyone who commented on it (or was listed in any comments) will get an Alert. Many people think that when they see something in Mentions that the message is addressed to them. This is not the case. To see if the comment was addressed to you, you have to click on the three dots at the bottom of the comment then choose Show Truth Details. This will take you to a new screen where you will see the comment. Look closely right under the author’s handle. There you will see “replying to @xyz123, @abc987 +35 (35 just used as an example) more”. This means that the person who wrote it was replying to the first person listed (in this instance @xyz123), and @abc987 and 35 other people got the same message you got. This is confusing to many people. So, before you think that someone wrote something directly to you, be sure to check to make sure who it was REALLY intended for.

You can help make it easier for people to know who you are replying to if you will put the handle of the person you are directing your message to at the beginning of your comment. For example you can write: @xyz123, I really agree with that thought! That will do two things. It will make it very clear who you are commenting to and including the handle of the recipient will help it come to their attention faster.

ALL When you tap on All at the top of the Alerts page, it will show you everything in the Mentions list, PLUS a message every time someone new followed you or someone ReTruthed something you wrote.

If you want more information on using the Truth Social app, please see the Truth Social Help page.