Welcome to TruthSocialTips.com! This site is built to help people get the most out of their time on Truth Social. I have found that Truth Social really IS a Big Tent social media platform where everyone can feel welcome and actually express their views freely. I will provide Truth Social help, tips, tricks, and more knowledge learned from making mistakes as quickly as I can. If you are a social media veteran, a lot of the information here will probably seem overly simplified.

When I got my account approved, I had almost no social media experience. When I got into the app, I was completely LOST. So, this website is being built to help the people who don’t have much (or any) social media experience. I know how that feels, and want to help.

Lost 1

Being new to social media, I made a lot of mistakes. I looked on the Truth Social help site, but there wasn’t really anything there. And there were no other websites to provide help, direction or information. But I also made some really good friends! All in all, I have really enjoyed the app. When I saw people making the same mistakes I had made, I decided to build this website to help new people avoid those things. Hopefully these tips will help those of you who are new to social media, or making the transition from a different platform.

Please jot down my handle (@GregDickens). Once you finish exploring the site, please check out my profile. I would appreciate any feedback and absolutely follow back everyone who follows me.

Please know that this site is a work in progress. If you can’t find the answers to your questions here, check out the Truth Social Help page. I have started out with definitions of the different functions and terminology used in the app, and will continue to add content as time allows and/or the need arises. In the mean time, I hope that you enjoy the experience as much as I do!

The menu at the bottom of the page will hopefully help you find what you need quickly. If you have questions or other items that need to be covered, please let me know. Enjoy!!!